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Gideon | Woodstock Baby and Family Lifestyle Photographer

If you’ve been following my blog, then you will recognize this gorgeous family, except the last time you saw them, Gideon was still just a bun in the oven! Now he’s six months old and the *happiest” baby ever! I have been watching him grow by seeing updates on social media, but let me tell you- in person he is just the smiliest guy ever. Mom was right!

We met up on a weekday morning at the studio and it was pure magic. I absolutely love six month old babies. They are so happy and smiling, and usually a game of peekaboo is all it takes to get a big belly laugh. Fran and Kevin were so much fun, and were up for anything. We played, we cuddled, and we had the best time celebrating little man’s 6 month milestone!

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My favorite thing about baby milestone sessions is that they are family sessions too. The whole family loving on their tiniest one and making fun memories. Because believe me, folks, they grow up fast! I have a 15 year old daughter, and wow. You think you have so. much. time. You think they will wear diapers forever and not sleep good ever. But it all changes and you look back and you just savor that sweet time.


Edison | Big Canoe Georgia Newborn Photographer

Edison | Big Canoe Georgia Newborn Photographer

Baby Edison entered the world as pure and perfect as a baby can be. Surrounded with love, he has been showered with kisses- some of them may have been from his photographer!

Ella Grace | First Birthday Baby Photographer

Happy first birthday, Ella Grace! 

It seems like just yesterday I was meeting you for the first time- a tiny little newborn that completely had her entire family wrapped around her teeny little finger! Your personality and smile are just contagious, and it has been such a joy watching you grow.

A gorgeous warm spring morning in Woodstock to watch you play and explore. Happy birthday, Princess!

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Baby L | Woodstock Baby Photographer

Mr. L is growing so much! I get to snuggle and play with him every few months because mom and dad want to capture every milestone with little man.  At first it was tummy time, then sitting independently, and now, he is standing with assistance and loves jumping!  I can't believe the next time I see him he will be celebrating his first birthday.  I fully expect he'll be running all over by then! :)

Can you see how proud he is that he is "walking" with mom and dad's help?  I absolutely adore capturing these special milestones!

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Baby E | Woodstock Baby Photographer

Babies are always wonderful!  Little perfect additions to a family that makes your heart hold even more love than you thought was possible. But there is something extra special about adoption- Choosing to bring in a little one that has been prayed for, cried for, and fought for- is even more special.

Welcome to your forever family, Baby E.  You are already so loved.


Chason | 6 month baby Photographer serving Woodstock, Roswell, Canton, Kennesaw Georgia

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such a beauty.

sweet innocence.

perfect little details... eyelashes, whisps of hair, tiny toes.

she smiles best for her daddy, who was whistling her favorite song.

magical six month milestones.

keep them little forever.