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Markovich Family | Motherhood and Family Photographer, Woodstock Georgia

Alyson and her boys joined me in our gorgeous natural light studio in Woodstock for a fun Mommy + Me session on a chilly January morning. Alexander was so excited that he zoomed all over the studio with a tiny wooden airplane and entertained all of us with his silliness! Oh how I love the heart of Motherhood.

As a mom of two, Motherhood is near and dear to my heart. All the silly moments, all the tired moments, all the “teachable moments,” it’s all beautiful.

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These tiny moments, when the baby is crying and your toddler flushes something down the toilet that isn’t supposed to go in the toilet (yep, been there…) and you are trying to come up with one more way to cook chicken for dinner… Those days are precious. So tiring but so beautiful. Those days when you feel like you are running around in 100 different directions yet you seem to not get anything done. You’re giving everything your all- Your job, your marriage, your children… Take some time to rest and recharge. Mamas need it. The laundry can wait, the dishes can wait. Take some time to play with the little one that’s been nagging you to build Legos with him. Take time to sing and cuddle your baby. He’ll grow up someday, and it’s quicker than you think. Oh mamas. Enjoy these tiny moments.

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Gideon | Woodstock Baby and Family Lifestyle Photographer

If you’ve been following my blog, then you will recognize this gorgeous family, except the last time you saw them, Gideon was still just a bun in the oven! Now he’s six months old and the *happiest” baby ever! I have been watching him grow by seeing updates on social media, but let me tell you- in person he is just the smiliest guy ever. Mom was right!

We met up on a weekday morning at the studio and it was pure magic. I absolutely love six month old babies. They are so happy and smiling, and usually a game of peekaboo is all it takes to get a big belly laugh. Fran and Kevin were so much fun, and were up for anything. We played, we cuddled, and we had the best time celebrating little man’s 6 month milestone!

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My favorite thing about baby milestone sessions is that they are family sessions too. The whole family loving on their tiniest one and making fun memories. Because believe me, folks, they grow up fast! I have a 15 year old daughter, and wow. You think you have so. much. time. You think they will wear diapers forever and not sleep good ever. But it all changes and you look back and you just savor that sweet time.


Merry | Family Portrait Photographer Blairsville Georgia

It was so fun meeting Brianne's family for their fall portraits!

Brianne and I went to school together, and lived not far from each other as kids.  So it was such a treat to see her again after many years (and many moves for both of us!)

Aren't they the most adorable family ever?

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I think Cade loves his Mama. <3


I don't know, ya'll, but I think these two are in love.


Handsome (and so polite!) young man.

Young ladies, take note! :)



Happy Thanksgiving, you all!

I hope it is a blessed time celebrating life and love and all your happiness.