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Baby A | First Birthday and Baby Photographer, Canton Georgia

Sweet baby boy A came by to celebrate his first birthday with a simple and sweet cake smash and bubble bath!  This little man sure has grown since I took his newborn portraits.  Big, happy bright eyes and a tiny toothy smile!

He loved exploring his birthday cake- the texture, the sweet icing- we didn't have to tell him what to do with it.  This boy likes cake!

After he finished playing in the icing and eating his fill of cake, we warmed up the tub for a bubble bath and that's when he really began to laugh and play.  Splashing water, popping bubbles and squealing with delight!

Happy birthday, big boy!  I'm so happy to celebrate with you!

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Baby Photographer | Photographer serving Woodstock, Roswell, Kennesaw, Marietta

woodstock atlanta kennesaw roswell baby photographer
woodstock atlanta kennesaw roswell baby photographer

Lincoln came to meet me for the first time for his four month milestone session.

Can you say Baby Model? He was so funny and sweet!  We cooed at each other, played peek-a-boo and laughed until our sides hurt.


4 months really is the perfect age to book a milestone session. They are starting to show some personality and really show off their big gummy smiles.

I just love all the sweet details- little whisps of hair, tiny toes, naked baby bottoms!


And of course, I love, love, love families so we finish off each milestone session with a sweet moment with Mom and Dad!


Fall Family Mini Portrait Session Event Now Booking

Fall Family Mini Portrait Session Event Now Booking

Fall Family Mini Sessions booking now for 2017

Fall Family Portraits | Canton Family Photographer

Well, you caught me.

Yep, this is my family fall portraits!

Every crazy, wild, chaotic minute of it was worth it to get these precious memories so we can print them and keep them forever!

My son has a slight obsession with trucks.

Ok, so I have a soft spot too for a beauty like the gorgeous 1947 Dodge that we borrowed for the shoot too, but it wasn't just for me.

I knew he would love it. (AKA-- Maybe he will love it enough to sit still in it for more than 2.3 seconds before darting off!)

Well, he sat still for just about 2.3 seconds, but it was just enough time for me to snap this frame-worthy shot of him rockin' his "farmer hat" and "driving" daddy around. (Mom goggles? I can't help it, I adore this shot!)


Oh, how I love my children.

But let me tell you, photographer's children are no easier in front of the camera.  They are WILD in front of the camera. Like, in revolt.

In fact, there is a name for it- PCS.

Photographer's Child Syndrome.

It means that no matter how hard you work, how silly you dance, or how many chocolate chip cookies (ice cream? candy? anything you want child- just sit still and smile at Mommy!) you bribe them, they are immune to all your tricks.

It works with other people's kids- the crazy, silly stuff- the singing and dancing like a nut case, stickers on my forehead, fake sneezes, peek-a-boo.....

Not my children.

They see me do that every day.

They're like, oh- there's mom, being mom.


But oh, how I treasure these portraits.

I'm the one who documents our days. I catch all the cute stuff my son does, the funny words he says, the way he likes to dress himself.

I document my daughter's successes and highlights of middle school. I carefully curate her life as she has transitioned from playing with dolls to playing with makeup. Each moment is precious. Each moment is treasured.

All our family vacations are lovingly captured and bound in a portrait album.

But one thing is missing.


I'm in hardly any of the shots.

But, I was there.

Do you ever feel that way- I want my kids to know that I snuggled them, read to them each night before bed, kissed boo-boos and treasured every moment that I could spend with them.

So I made myself a promise.

I'm going to be sure that I make it into the photo albums too.  With them, doing what we do- Laughing, playing and loving.

Do yourself this favor too- Be present in your photos. It's worth it to capture those memories- for you, and for your children.


-- Yes, that is my son in the seat next to me. Wriggling around while My Main Man and I get our cuddle on.

But that's us! Wiggles and all.


Life is sweet, ya'll.

Every. Single. Moment.

Angie + Derek | Maternity Photographer, Canton & Woodstock Georgia

Happy Mother's Day!

I cannot think of a better way to honor all the things that being a mom means any more than sharing this celebration beautiful of Motherhood!

Angie is expecting her second child, a sweet baby girl.

She had a vision for her session- it need to be romantic, feminine, and in the water.

Immediately I was hooked.

I've been wanting to do a styled maternity session for some time, and our vision for the session was the same-

Romantic, dreamy and focused on the connection between mother and child.

best maternity photographer atlanta woodstock kennesaw canton roswell

I love this image of Angie and her son, Caleb. It has a very "earth mother" feel to it.

I loved being pregnant. It is such a time to embrace the beauty of your ever-changing body and

to savor the tiny flutterings of the new life growing inside you.

maternity photographer woodstock canton kennesaw roswell

I provided the blush maternity gown, handmade from one of my favorite vendors on  The color and fit complimented her skin and blossoming belly beautifully!

I hand crafted her floral crown just for this session.  I love flowers of all kinds and so enjoyed putting together a special piece for Angie to wear.

I selected a location local to Woodstock that I knew would have warm and delicious light in the evening.  We couldn't have been happier!

The evening sun offered a perfect backlight to our warm and dreamy session.

best maternity photographer woodstock roswell canton kennesaw ga

Big brother to-be, Caleb, listens to sister's heartbeat.

Oh, Momma.  You have a beautiful son.

He has the sweetest, most tender personality.  My daughter, Ava, often joins me as my assistant on outdoor shoots.

She and Caleb made instant friends.  He watched her every move and she played with him while Mom and Dad enjoyed some special moments together.

best maternity photographer atlanta woodstock kennesaw canton roswell ga

Perfectly radiant little momma.

maternity photographer romantic atlanta north georgia canton woodstock kennesaw

Isn't she gorgeous?! Such perfect skin and just a radiantly beautiful momma-to-be.

water maternity photographer georgia kennesaw marietta woodstock cartersville

I love how we see a little peek of that perfect little tummy!

Funny story - When we moved into the water for the last portion of our session, I helped Angie into the river.

I got in ahead of her to make sure we had good footing.  Just before I shot this image, I stepped backwards in the river and into a gaping hole. Where I had been knee deep in the water, I suddenly found myself with water above my waist and my camera overhead! One more step in the other direction and I sank even lower. I got soaking wet but you bet your buttons that my camera didn't get a drop on it.  Everything else can go down, but this girl is going to save her camera!

maternity photographer woodstock canton kennesaw

 Isn't she just radiant?

I just loved this session and this precious family.  Angie had such a wonderful vision for her maternity session and

I was so excited to bring it all to life for her.

Are you expecting a new addition to your family?  I'd love to help craft a beautiful maternity session for you to celebrate your motherhood.

Contact me to see how we can bring your dreams to life.