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Gideon | Woodstock Baby and Family Lifestyle Photographer

If you’ve been following my blog, then you will recognize this gorgeous family, except the last time you saw them, Gideon was still just a bun in the oven! Now he’s six months old and the *happiest” baby ever! I have been watching him grow by seeing updates on social media, but let me tell you- in person he is just the smiliest guy ever. Mom was right!

We met up on a weekday morning at the studio and it was pure magic. I absolutely love six month old babies. They are so happy and smiling, and usually a game of peekaboo is all it takes to get a big belly laugh. Fran and Kevin were so much fun, and were up for anything. We played, we cuddled, and we had the best time celebrating little man’s 6 month milestone!

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My favorite thing about baby milestone sessions is that they are family sessions too. The whole family loving on their tiniest one and making fun memories. Because believe me, folks, they grow up fast! I have a 15 year old daughter, and wow. You think you have so. much. time. You think they will wear diapers forever and not sleep good ever. But it all changes and you look back and you just savor that sweet time.


Baby E | Woodstock Baby Photographer

Babies are always wonderful!  Little perfect additions to a family that makes your heart hold even more love than you thought was possible. But there is something extra special about adoption- Choosing to bring in a little one that has been prayed for, cried for, and fought for- is even more special.

Welcome to your forever family, Baby E.  You are already so loved.


Baby Z | Atlanta Milestone Baby Photographer

Baby Z came back to visit me for her 6 month session.  How much can change in 3 short months!  Now she is sitting independently and charming us all with her sweet smile.

We chose a (relatively) warm February morning for her session and mom and dad joined in for some snuggles with their girl.  I love documenting both the milestones in growth that baby experiences the first year, as well as documenting how families grow together year after year!


Canton First Birthday Photographer | Woodstock, Canton, Roswell Photographer

Canton First Birthday Photographer | Woodstock, Canton, Roswell Photographer

Pretty in pink and white for her first birthday

Caden | 5 months Baby Photographer in Canton, Georgia

Happy baby alert!

Caden is 5 months old and he is so unbelievably happy!



Grandma and Grandpa brought him in for his session and they told me that he wakes up every morning with a big grin on his face.


He is so strong too. He's holding his head up and rolling all over the place.

He grabbed his toes for me too. I *love* that shot!


Caden the cuddly teddy bear!


He's a flirty flirt too~ Look at that sweet grin.

5 months baby photographer

A total charmer.

I was laughing the entire session because he was such a ham! He really, really loves the camera.

And my hair.

He tugged on fistfulls of my hair and I had to pry it out of his chubby baby fingers.

Oh, how I miss those days with my own son. <3




Annddd.... Sitting in a basket like a boss.

It won't be long before he'll be sitting on his own!


Oh my gracious, look at that beautiful face!

Caden, you better hurry up and come back and see me in a few months. I cannot wait to see how you grow!


CJ | Atlanta Baby Photographer

CJ is 6 months old. Look at those gorgeous eyes.

I was so excited to finally meet CJ. I had the pleasure of capturing his mother's maternity portraits before he was born.

I knew he was going to be one handsome boy!


I love this one- I call it CJs "Carter's / Oshkosh" ad.

Baby model much?

He is soooo adorable!


Soooo loved by mom and dad.

I love it when parents get in and have fun during milestone sessions.

As a mom of two, and a photographer, I can tell you that I have *tons* of images of my children at all ages and stages.

But almost *none* of me playing, cuddling and snuggling with them.

The ones I do have are like solid gold to me.

Because I know I spend so much time kissing, playing, hugging and singing with them and I want to remember




of that time with them.

And I want them to know that their momma played and laughed and kissed them until they cried.

Who doesn't want memories like that?


Yeah, CJ gets kissed a lot.

I can tell.


Lots of love and snuggles!

atlanta baby photographer





What a little man!

I adore his suspenders.

All little boys need suspenders.

And bare feet.