Family Photographer | Woodstock, Georgia


Our Fall Mini Sessions are a huge success every year, and I get the pleasure of spending evenings out together with so many beautiful families, both new faces and old friends.  This year was particularly exciting for me- we completely sold out of our fall mini sessions in August!  I knew I wanted to go somewhere fun with all these families, and in a wide open space where we could run, twirl and play together.


I found a location that made my heart sing!  Our sessions were held at a private farm in Woodstock.  And we did what I simply love to do with every family that I photograph- we hugged, laughed and played together.  My family is my "why I love photography."All the things I want to capture for my family, I strive to capture for yours-

The way your little boy grasps your hand so tightly when you walk with him.

The way your little girl bubbles over with laughter when daddy lifts her high in the air.

The pride on your one year old's face when she takes her first wobbly steps.

The gapped-tooth smile of your first grader, and how sweetly she nurtures her siblings.

The way your husband looks into your eyes as he adores you- all the sacrifices, the late nights, cooking and cleaning, the endless diapers

and driving them to practice.  You do it for them.  And they appreciate you more than you know.

family photographer woodstock

family photographer woodstock

woodstock photographer

woodstock photographer