Fall Family Portraits | Canton Family Photographer

Fall Family Portrait Season is upon us!

I had the honor of photographing 7 beautiful families over the weekend, making the most of the warm golden hours in the evenings.

Lately, I've had a real front-seat view of all the beauty and wonder that is at the heart of the family.


Each one is unique in their personalities but one thing they all have in common is the strong connection they have with each other.

L    O    V    E.

It's the golden thread that binds us all.


I love watching families connect with each other.

Little girls twirling for daddy, boys giving their moms a tender hug, and the wonder and awe a baby has for her older brother or sister.

It's pure magic.


So in your everyday- the busyness, the never-ending piles of laundry and dishes- look for that golden thread of love.

It's there.

In your toddler's ear-piercing squeals of laughter.

In the random, out-of-nowhere hug from your teen that seems to say, "I still love you, Mom," just without words.

In the plump, sticky baby fingers that reach out for you, telling you that she *loves* her pureed sweet potatoes she has raked through her hair.

This life, it can sure be messy.

But ya'll, I'm telling you, it is sweet.

Savor it. <3