CJ | Atlanta Baby Photographer

CJ is 6 months old. Look at those gorgeous eyes.

I was so excited to finally meet CJ. I had the pleasure of capturing his mother's maternity portraits before he was born.

I knew he was going to be one handsome boy!


I love this one- I call it CJs "Carter's / Oshkosh" ad.

Baby model much?

He is soooo adorable!


Soooo loved by mom and dad.

I love it when parents get in and have fun during milestone sessions.

As a mom of two, and a photographer, I can tell you that I have *tons* of images of my children at all ages and stages.

But almost *none* of me playing, cuddling and snuggling with them.

The ones I do have are like solid gold to me.

Because I know I spend so much time kissing, playing, hugging and singing with them and I want to remember




of that time with them.

And I want them to know that their momma played and laughed and kissed them until they cried.

Who doesn't want memories like that?


Yeah, CJ gets kissed a lot.

I can tell.


Lots of love and snuggles!

atlanta baby photographer





What a little man!

I adore his suspenders.

All little boys need suspenders.

And bare feet.