Edison | Big Canoe Georgia Newborn Photographer

Edison | Big Canoe Georgia Newborn Photographer

Baby Edison entered the world as pure and perfect as a baby can be. Surrounded with love, he has been showered with kisses- some of them may have been from his photographer!

Osborne Family | Acworth Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Osborne Family | Acworth Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Fun-loving family with a new baby in tow sets off on their greatest adventure yet.

Baby Luca | Newborn Photography in Canton, Georgia

Perfect little Luca!  Look at that incredible hair.  I love when my tiny newborns have lots of hair- and to top it off, the color is to die for!

Little man could not have been any more perfect.  He curled up and napped right through his session, through all the swaddling and kisses and the audible "Awww" that just kept coming out of my mouth!  This little guy makes me want baby #3.  Sorry honey! :)

Mom and dad requested a shot of his tiny toes with their wedding bands, and I love how it turned out.  Perfect and definitely one for the wall!

Can't wait to see how you grow, sweet boy.

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Lifestyle Newborn and Family Session | Milton Georgia

Can I just start off by saying how much I adore this family?  What could be more adorable than a perfectly sweet little family of four welcoming a new little baby girl.  Big sister and brother were so curious and so careful with their new tiny sister.

Mom and Dad held their baby girl and I could see them overflowing with love for her.  Every moment with this sweet family was so full of laughter and love.  It totally made my week to be able to spend the evening with them!

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newborn milton ga (5 of 5).JPG

Christopher | Lifestyle Newborn Session | Woodstock Georgia

Oh, little man.  How you are so adored.

When I first met this family at their maternity session, I was smitten with their love story.  Adding a whole new chapter to that already beautiful romance, baby Christopher enters their world.  It is such an honor to be welcomed into a family's home and to capture these tender moments with their newborn.  Moments that are so fleeting- His feet won't ever be this tiny again, and you'll only hear his tiny little "pterodactyl" cries for just a short while. 

Breathe it in, Momma.

That baby smell. Those delicious little toes.  The around the clock feedings, the endless piles of diapers, the tiring but blissful tiny moments.

They grow so fast.  Enjoy every minute.

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lifestyle newborn photographer atlanta-19.jpg

Baby K | Atlanta Newborn Photographer

Look at that sweet little smile baby K is giving me!  {Swoon!} If that doesn't give you baby fever, then nothing will!

What an amazing little guy.  Once he was asleep, he was really sound asleep.  He even curled up in his little womb pose for me at the end!  He's one loved little guy.  I mean, who wouldn't want to kiss those sweet baby cheeks?  My favorite part of every newborn session is capturing mom and dad with their tiny little miracle. The adoration... joy... and all the sweet moments in between.

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Atlanta Natural Newborn Photographer | Baby R

Oh, what a fighter we had on our hands with this little man!  He did not want to miss one minute of his newborn session.  Wide eyed and so observant, he had no intention of sleeping through his session!  But oh, what a little warm milk and shushing will do.  We finally won out and the "tough guy" decided to take a snooze after all. 

An absolutely gorgeous morning and absolutely perfect baby boy.   And I think mom and dad are wrapped around his tiny little finger.  I can see their adoration for him- and each other- radiating.


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lifestyle newborn photography Gorgeous mama-to-be and sweet anticipation of meeting her beautiful daughter. lifestyle newborn photography

Little one, you are so loved. lifestyle newborn photography

Baby C | Woodstock, Canton, Roswell Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

2017-04-20_0001.jpg Isn't he beautiful? This sweet little family completely stole my heart.


I love the natural emotional connection between new parents and their babies. No need for props or special poses... the Love makes all the magic we need.

2017-04-20_0006.jpg 2017-04-20_0008.jpg 2017-04-20_0009.jpg 2017-04-20_0007.jpg 2017-04-20_0003.jpg

Such sweetness. I love the way he curled up for me. I think it was soothing to him to be swaddled tightly, with his little legs snugly pulled in, as he was in the womb. 2017-04-20_0002.jpg 2017-04-20_0004.jpg

Such sweet perfection. 2017-04-20_0010.jpg