Osborne Family | Acworth Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Osborne Family | Acworth Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Fun-loving family with a new baby in tow sets off on their greatest adventure yet.

Blakely's First Birthday | Woodstock Baby Photographer

Blakely celebrated the big birthday (hello, ONE!) surrounded with lots of hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy.  Can you tell that she's daddy's girl?  She lights up when she hears her daddy's voice.  Makes my mommy heart just melt, seeing a little girl so in love with her daddy. 

She may be wrapped around daddy's finger, but she has mama's heart and style!  #momgoals : )

Mommy picked out the sweetest theme for her first birthday- "Sweet as a Georgia Peach!" The cake, made by the supremely talented Kara with Kara's Bow on Top.


Of course, I had to bring in some fresh peaches because, ya'll, it is peach season here and they are just delicious and gorgeous.  Blakely was totally on board for that because she helped herself to the peaches in addition to her cake!  A well balanced diet, right? ; )

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Greenhouse Mini Session Event | Family Photographer Acworth Georgia

It's no secret that I love flowers.  I love all things wild and beautiful, so when the opportunity came up to shoot a one day event at a private farm and greenhouse, I was all in.  It started out a bit wet from the generous rain we've been having but it made for a perfect day for portraits for the families that joined me on location!

Adorable Miss B celebrated her 9th month with a family session at the Greenhouse and Farm, and she enjoyed exploring all the flowers, the strawberry patch, and even the rooster that was hanging out nearby (safely in his private coop).  Could she smile any wider?  I think her adorable grin tells the whole story.

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Ann-Marie | Newborn Photographer | Newborn Studio Photographer Canton Georgia

Beautiful Ann-Marie couldn't be any more perfect.  Perfect tiny fingers, pouty lips, baby rolls and all- She is such a gorgeous baby!  From the moment that mom and dad walked in with her, I knew- I have baby fever!

I met Nichole and Deven a few weeks ago at their maternity session.  Stunning momma-to-be is now stunning New Mom.  It was so beautiful watching her hold, shush, cradle and feed her tiny little one- She did it all so effortlessly.  It was as if she was made to be this little girl's Mommy.

I swaddled Ann-Marie and she loved the warmth and security of the swaddle and immediately went right to sleep!  Bless this little girl, she slept through her entire newborn session! Perfect in every single way, and with bright, beautiful eyes.  She is a complete joy!

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Olivia | First Birthday Cake Smash Photographer | Canton, Georgia

Miss Olivia celebrated her first birthday with a gorgeous cake smash in the studio! 

She was absolutely darling- As soon as she came in the studio, she reached for me to hold her.  So, you know, I get my baby snuggles in really good whenever my tiny clients come to visit me! 

She was all about the "oooooohs" and giving this adorable look of surprise!  Isn't she so adorable in her unicorn headband and her magical cake smash?  Could not be any sweeter!

We had to have some snuggles and laughs with mom too, so of course she joined in on the fun for some oh-so-sweet mommy & daughter captures. 

Cake, anyone?

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Christopher | Lifestyle Newborn Session | Woodstock Georgia

Oh, little man.  How you are so adored.

When I first met this family at their maternity session, I was smitten with their love story.  Adding a whole new chapter to that already beautiful romance, baby Christopher enters their world.  It is such an honor to be welcomed into a family's home and to capture these tender moments with their newborn.  Moments that are so fleeting- His feet won't ever be this tiny again, and you'll only hear his tiny little "pterodactyl" cries for just a short while. 

Breathe it in, Momma.

That baby smell. Those delicious little toes.  The around the clock feedings, the endless piles of diapers, the tiring but blissful tiny moments.

They grow so fast.  Enjoy every minute.

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Luke | First Birthday and Baby Milestone Photographer | Woodstock, Georgia

Oh Luke, how did you get so big so fast?!  It seems like just a few months ago we were cuddling you for your newborn session.  Oh how the year has gone by.  Such a happy and curious little man you are growing up to be.  He enjoyed exploring the park with his mom and dad, and especially enjoyed being down by the river.

I loved his fun baseball cake and his "Rookie of the Year" baseball uniform that mom brought for his cake smash.  So much fun!  Thank you for allowing me to be part of your celebration! 

Happy first birthday, big boy!

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Baby A | First Birthday and Baby Photographer, Canton Georgia

Sweet baby boy A came by to celebrate his first birthday with a simple and sweet cake smash and bubble bath!  This little man sure has grown since I took his newborn portraits.  Big, happy bright eyes and a tiny toothy smile!

He loved exploring his birthday cake- the texture, the sweet icing- we didn't have to tell him what to do with it.  This boy likes cake!

After he finished playing in the icing and eating his fill of cake, we warmed up the tub for a bubble bath and that's when he really began to laugh and play.  Splashing water, popping bubbles and squealing with delight!

Happy birthday, big boy!  I'm so happy to celebrate with you!

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Baby B | Milestone Baby Photographer

Another beautiful milestone session with gorgeous, smiling baby B!  Oh my, she has grown so much in the short months since I last saw her!  At her 4 month session, she was all smiles too.  Happiest. Baby. Ever! 

She is such a daddy's girl.  All he had to do was make a silly face and she broke out into a huge, gummy grin!  She is sitting independently now, and is so proud of her new milestone.  I can tell she has mommy's heart.  Aren't they two peas in a pod- boho beauties!

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Baby L | Woodstock Baby Photographer

Mr. L is growing so much! I get to snuggle and play with him every few months because mom and dad want to capture every milestone with little man.  At first it was tummy time, then sitting independently, and now, he is standing with assistance and loves jumping!  I can't believe the next time I see him he will be celebrating his first birthday.  I fully expect he'll be running all over by then! :)

Can you see how proud he is that he is "walking" with mom and dad's help?  I absolutely adore capturing these special milestones!

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