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Our Fall Mini Sessions are a huge success every year, and I get the pleasure of spending evenings out together with so many beautiful families, both new faces and old friends.  This year was particularly exciting for me- we completely sold out of our fall mini sessions in August!  I knew I wanted to go somewhere fun with all these families, and in a wide open space where we could run, twirl and play together.


I found a location that made my heart sing!  Our sessions were held at a private farm in Woodstock.  And we did what I simply love to do with every family that I photograph- we hugged, laughed and played together.  My family is my "why I love photography."All the things I want to capture for my family, I strive to capture for yours-

The way your little boy grasps your hand so tightly when you walk with him.

The way your little girl bubbles over with laughter when daddy lifts her high in the air.

The pride on your one year old's face when she takes her first wobbly steps.

The gapped-tooth smile of your first grader, and how sweetly she nurtures her siblings.

The way your husband looks into your eyes as he adores you- all the sacrifices, the late nights, cooking and cleaning, the endless diapers

and driving them to practice.  You do it for them.  And they appreciate you more than you know.

family photographer woodstock

family photographer woodstock

woodstock photographer

woodstock photographer

Little Lamb Mini Sessions- Now Booking!

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Meet Sugar!

Anna Goswick Photography is hosting a one-day Petite Session Spring Event with beautiful Sugar the Lamb, and she is as sweet as her name!

This limited event will be held on March 25th, and includes cuddles with this sweet girl and a personalized styling consultation for your session.  Fully edited, high resolution digital files in a password protected gallery will also be included for this special event.

Book your preferred time here.

Cade | Newborn Photographer serving Canton, Woodstock, Kennesaw and Acworth


Isn't mama just glowing?

I love the beautiful, sweet bond between a momma and her first child.

And Cade sure has his mama's heart.

atlanta newborn photographer woodstock

And I can see why. He's a big, beautiful boy!


Sweet, tender and fleeting moments with her newborn son.


Every detail is perfect. He is perfect.


And super proud aunt cannot wait to get her snuggles with Cade.


Well, hello Cade!

We even captured beautiful eyes when he woke up at the very end of his session. I love that sweet look of surprise!

Fall Family Portraits | Canton Family Photographer

Well, you caught me.

Yep, this is my family fall portraits!

Every crazy, wild, chaotic minute of it was worth it to get these precious memories so we can print them and keep them forever!

My son has a slight obsession with trucks.

Ok, so I have a soft spot too for a beauty like the gorgeous 1947 Dodge that we borrowed for the shoot too, but it wasn't just for me.

I knew he would love it. (AKA-- Maybe he will love it enough to sit still in it for more than 2.3 seconds before darting off!)

Well, he sat still for just about 2.3 seconds, but it was just enough time for me to snap this frame-worthy shot of him rockin' his "farmer hat" and "driving" daddy around. (Mom goggles? I can't help it, I adore this shot!)


Oh, how I love my children.

But let me tell you, photographer's children are no easier in front of the camera.  They are WILD in front of the camera. Like, in revolt.

In fact, there is a name for it- PCS.

Photographer's Child Syndrome.

It means that no matter how hard you work, how silly you dance, or how many chocolate chip cookies (ice cream? candy? anything you want child- just sit still and smile at Mommy!) you bribe them, they are immune to all your tricks.

It works with other people's kids- the crazy, silly stuff- the singing and dancing like a nut case, stickers on my forehead, fake sneezes, peek-a-boo.....

Not my children.

They see me do that every day.

They're like, oh- there's mom, being mom.


But oh, how I treasure these portraits.

I'm the one who documents our days. I catch all the cute stuff my son does, the funny words he says, the way he likes to dress himself.

I document my daughter's successes and highlights of middle school. I carefully curate her life as she has transitioned from playing with dolls to playing with makeup. Each moment is precious. Each moment is treasured.

All our family vacations are lovingly captured and bound in a portrait album.

But one thing is missing.


I'm in hardly any of the shots.

But, I was there.

Do you ever feel that way- I want my kids to know that I snuggled them, read to them each night before bed, kissed boo-boos and treasured every moment that I could spend with them.

So I made myself a promise.

I'm going to be sure that I make it into the photo albums too.  With them, doing what we do- Laughing, playing and loving.

Do yourself this favor too- Be present in your photos. It's worth it to capture those memories- for you, and for your children.


-- Yes, that is my son in the seat next to me. Wriggling around while My Main Man and I get our cuddle on.

But that's us! Wiggles and all.


Life is sweet, ya'll.

Every. Single. Moment.

Dyer Family | Fall Family Portraits Blairsville Georgia

Some families just make your heart melt.  That's how I feel every time I've had the honor of photographing the Dyers'.

They are just so stinkin' fun!

I think it's evident that we had a great time at their fall family session, don't ya think?


Miss Ruby *loved* the apples. She took little mouse-sized nibbles out of each one she could get her hands on.

And she nibbled the whole session!  Of course, I had to send this baby home with an apple.

She was too heartbroken to have to leave it!



The entire family piled in the bed of our borrowed and beautiful 1947 Dodge truck.

I just love this capture! So fun.


Note aforementioned "mouse-sized" nibble...

And Justice had no trouble at all climbing in and trying out the driver's seat.

What a handsome little man. I just love his gorgeous red hair!





That's the good stuff, ya'll.

Fall and Christmas Family Sessions Update


Hello Friends!

Wow, this has been a phenomenal year for AGP! We've been super busy here, chasing the golden light, cooing at toddlers, and editing like a madwoman into the wee hours of the morning!

A huge THANK YOU to my clients and friends for such an incredible turnout.

My mini sessions this year sold out in HOURS. Wow!

All my appointments are now booked through the end of 2016, and I am accepting bookings for studio maternity, newborn, and baby milestone sessions for January through March of 2017.

I've gotten a little behind on my blogging, but I'll try to keep you all updated on the recent sessions and the gorgeous families I've been photographing.

For the most current information, be sure to check my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/annagoswickphotography

Much Love and Many, Many Thanks!