Riggs | Woodstock Lifestyle Family Photographer

Happy first birthday, Riggs! What a handsome little man you are!

I’m so stoked that this session was selected by Style and Select to be featured on their blog as an example of a perfectly styled portrait session! So be on the lookout for that post to hit their site. Did you know that every client that books with Anna Goswick Photography will have access to Style and Select as a complimentary service? It makes coordinating your family’s wardrobe so easy. Clients love the visual board and suggested retailers and really enjoy styling their family for their portrait session.

But back to Riggs. Look at this happy boy!

Woodstock Newborn Photographer_0023.jpg
Woodstock Newborn Photographer_0026.jpg
Woodstock Newborn Photographer_0025.jpg

Wow how fast that first year flies by. Or not. Depending on how sleep deprived you are! I think first birthdays call for a huge celebration, both for the baby and the parents. That first year you are getting the hang of having a new baby in tow and just when you get the rhythm down, they hit that 4 month sleep regression, cut little tiny teeth, or hit a wonder week and you are back to square one. It’s all those wild and wonderful things that make celebrating so WORTH IT!

Woodstock Newborn Photographer_0022.jpg
Woodstock Newborn Photographer_0024.jpg

Anna Goswick is a natural light lifestyle photographer based in Woodstock, GA. She shoots in -home sessions for clients in her service area and has access to a beautiful studio space in Downtown Woodstock.