Winona + Gavin | Smyrna Maternity Photographer

Winona and Gavin are the sweetest couple that are madly in love and eagerly anticipating the arrival of their sweet little one arriving on April 15th. Winona loved the setting at Roswell Mill Park and really had hoped to have some portraits near the waterfall and river. The location is beautiful and I was so excited to be out shooting again at the Mill since I haven’t been out there since last October for family sessions.

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Well, if you all have been hanging around in Georgia for the last month or two, you’ll know that we have been getting a lot of rain. Like record breaking amounts of rain. I knew that our rivers here in Canton were at flood stage, and I was getting concerned about Roswell Mill Park. I put on my muck boots, grabbed my camera bag and told my son we were going on an adventure together and we went out to scout the location a day or two before the planned to shoot to see what the damage looked like.

I was expecting a very full, and very muddy river, and that is exactly what we found when we got there! If you follow me on Instagram , then you probably saw the video on my stories of the raging waterfall and river rushing through the park. Not exactly the dreamy waterfall that Winona had been hoping for, but the grounds were fairly dry and we had lots of other places to shoot at this location because it offers so many options. I spoke with Winona and she wanted to go ahead and proceed with the session. We had a great time together, and she was a total champ with all the walking/hiking we did to find a pretty spot with some greenery in late February. Winona even came prepared with an extra pair of shoes for walking, and a dressy pair with a small heel for those full length shots. She’s a total Rockstar!

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I really enjoyed meeting Winona and Gavin and learning about how they met and fell in love. That’s my favorite part of the time I have with my clients is just getting to know their stories and what brought them together to build a beautiful family. Like my husband and I, Winona and Gavin also met online. I am meeting so many couples that met online! She was in school near where he worked, and they met in person shortly after they began talking online. That first date must have gone really well, because now here we are- about to become a family of three.

Congratulations you two love birds, and I cannot wait to meet your sweet little one soon!

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