Baby J | Atlanta Newborn Photographer

Baby J could not have been any sweeter.  His sweet curls and bright eyes were such a joy!

We had so much fun at the maternity session in Downtown Woodstock, and I really enjoyed meeting the whole family.  So much love and so much sweet anticipation for the new little brother that would be joining their family.  In one word- Joyful.

Baby boy J was wide awake and observing every little movement.  Of course, I love sleeping newborns but those wide eyed, curious moments are so sweet!  Watching how he studies daddy's beard, watching his eyes scan mommy's face as she whispers to him, and the sweet moments he has with his big sister as she tells him all the wonderful things she can't wait to share with him. Oh, these tiny fleeting moments! That's what I want to freeze in time.

Welcome to the big, wide world, Baby J!  You bring so much joy to the world.

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