Emily + Jason | Atlanta Maternity Photographer

Emily and Jason are eagerly waiting for the arrival of their beautiful baby girl, Porter.

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It was a gorgeous evening at my private farm location in Woodstock, and Jason and Emily really enjoyed spending time together as a couple before becoming a family of three.

When Emily contacted me, she said she wanted to capture raw, emotive images of she and Jason as a couple, and preferred interaction over posed images. I couldn’t agree more.

We had a beautiful evening just getting to know each other and celebrating their love story before baby Porter arrives.

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Rikard | Woodstock Newborn Photographer

Brad and Megan reached out to me to capture their first days with their beautiful baby girl. I was in awe of how sweet and sleepy baby R was, and how much she loved being swaddled. I loved studying her tiny features- her beautiful little bow of a mouth, her tiny fingers and whispy black hair. Mommy and Daddy are both musicians- Daddy is a saxophone player and mom is a vocal artist and both teach music. I think Miss R is their greatest work of art yet.

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Winona + Gavin | Smyrna Maternity Photographer

Winona and Gavin are the sweetest couple that are madly in love and eagerly anticipating the arrival of their sweet little one arriving on April 15th. Winona loved the setting at Roswell Mill Park and really had hoped to have some portraits near the waterfall and river. The location is beautiful and I was so excited to be out shooting again at the Mill since I haven’t been out there since last October for family sessions.

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Well, if you all have been hanging around in Georgia for the last month or two, you’ll know that we have been getting a lot of rain. Like record breaking amounts of rain. I knew that our rivers here in Canton were at flood stage, and I was getting concerned about Roswell Mill Park. I put on my muck boots, grabbed my camera bag and told my son we were going on an adventure together and we went out to scout the location a day or two before the planned to shoot to see what the damage looked like.

I was expecting a very full, and very muddy river, and that is exactly what we found when we got there! If you follow me on Instagram , then you probably saw the video on my stories of the raging waterfall and river rushing through the park. Not exactly the dreamy waterfall that Winona had been hoping for, but the grounds were fairly dry and we had lots of other places to shoot at this location because it offers so many options. I spoke with Winona and she wanted to go ahead and proceed with the session. We had a great time together, and she was a total champ with all the walking/hiking we did to find a pretty spot with some greenery in late February. Winona even came prepared with an extra pair of shoes for walking, and a dressy pair with a small heel for those full length shots. She’s a total Rockstar!

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I really enjoyed meeting Winona and Gavin and learning about how they met and fell in love. That’s my favorite part of the time I have with my clients is just getting to know their stories and what brought them together to build a beautiful family. Like my husband and I, Winona and Gavin also met online. I am meeting so many couples that met online! She was in school near where he worked, and they met in person shortly after they began talking online. That first date must have gone really well, because now here we are- about to become a family of three.

Congratulations you two love birds, and I cannot wait to meet your sweet little one soon!

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Caitlin + Nick | Woodstock Maternity Photographer

I knew the moment that I first met Caitlin and Nick that we were going to have a lot of fun together! It was a cold, wet February evening when we met downtown Woodstock for their complimentary mini maternity session, but they were all smiles even with the overcast skies and chill in the air. Both of them were absolutely giddy when they told me about expecting their first child, a little boy, next month. I found out what his name is going to be but I’ve been sworn to secrecy on it, so you’ll have to wait until he is born to find out his name- And the sweet story behind why they chose this for his name. It is one of my favorite “baby name stories” ever! Stay tuned, you don’t want to miss this- it’s too sweet!

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I love finding out couple’s love stories when we meet for maternity, newborn, or even family portraits. That’s really the beginning for the entire family- How you met and what made you fall in love. Like my husband and I, Caitlin and Nick met online. Their fist date was an Atlanta Braves game, and Nick swears it was the fact that he had season tickets that won Caitlin over. : )

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Caitlin and Ryan are so in love with each other, and it shows! It made we wanna run home and kiss my hubby, just hearing them reminisce about how they met, how they fell in love, and writing the next chapter of their love story by welcoming a perfect little boy and becoming a family of three.

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Caitlin and Nick, I cannot wait to meet your little man. I know love is going to just be exploding in your hearts when he gets here. I’m so happy for you!

If you are expecting and looking for a newborn photographer, I am offering complimentary mini maternity sessions with every booked newborn session, lifestyle/in-home or studio. Or, if you are just interested in a maternity session, I offer petite maternity sessions and luxe maternity sessions as well. All maternity clients are welcome to borrow from our studio wardrobe, which is an ever growing collection of beautiful dresses to wear for your session. Have a look at what is available at https://annagoswickphotography.com/wardrobe

Anna + Kale | Maternity Photographer serving Marietta, Acworth, Woodstock, Kennesaw, Roswell Georgia

Anna and Kale are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their greatest adventure yet- a precious baby boy.

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Anna and Kale are so in love with each other that watching them together just made my heart explode! They just celebrated their first year of marriage and found out that they will soon be a family of three. I can only imagine how loved their little man is going to be. So much tenderness and sweetness in the time that we had together.

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Anna contacted me to book a mini maternity session and a lifestyle newborn session. She came to the studio to try on the different dresses I have in my studio wardrobe. She selected two dresses- a gorgeous, romantic white lace dress and a nude pink strapless dress with extra long length. She selected Berry Patch Farms as her location for the mini maternity session, one of my favorite locations to shoot. It is a privately owned farm in Woodstock, and it has so much to offer. It changes with the seasons and looks beautiful year round. I love rural locations for my sessions, and we have the entire farm to ourselves when we shoot in this location. It’s perfect for intimate, tender moments with no interruptions.

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Halfway through our time together, Anna changed into the nude pink strapless dress and she and Kale explored the farm together. It was a beautiful evening, and I could tell they really enjoyed just being together and soaking up these last few days as a couple before baby comes. They shared their dreams for their little boy and laughed at all the excitement that was yet to come as they continue to write their love story.

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Markovich Family | Motherhood and Family Photographer, Woodstock Georgia

Alyson and her boys joined me in our gorgeous natural light studio in Woodstock for a fun Mommy + Me session on a chilly January morning. Alexander was so excited that he zoomed all over the studio with a tiny wooden airplane and entertained all of us with his silliness! Oh how I love the heart of Motherhood.

As a mom of two, Motherhood is near and dear to my heart. All the silly moments, all the tired moments, all the “teachable moments,” it’s all beautiful.

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These tiny moments, when the baby is crying and your toddler flushes something down the toilet that isn’t supposed to go in the toilet (yep, been there…) and you are trying to come up with one more way to cook chicken for dinner… Those days are precious. So tiring but so beautiful. Those days when you feel like you are running around in 100 different directions yet you seem to not get anything done. You’re giving everything your all- Your job, your marriage, your children… Take some time to rest and recharge. Mamas need it. The laundry can wait, the dishes can wait. Take some time to play with the little one that’s been nagging you to build Legos with him. Take time to sing and cuddle your baby. He’ll grow up someday, and it’s quicker than you think. Oh mamas. Enjoy these tiny moments.

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Gideon | Woodstock Baby and Family Lifestyle Photographer

If you’ve been following my blog, then you will recognize this gorgeous family, except the last time you saw them, Gideon was still just a bun in the oven! Now he’s six months old and the *happiest” baby ever! I have been watching him grow by seeing updates on social media, but let me tell you- in person he is just the smiliest guy ever. Mom was right!

We met up on a weekday morning at the studio and it was pure magic. I absolutely love six month old babies. They are so happy and smiling, and usually a game of peekaboo is all it takes to get a big belly laugh. Fran and Kevin were so much fun, and were up for anything. We played, we cuddled, and we had the best time celebrating little man’s 6 month milestone!

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My favorite thing about baby milestone sessions is that they are family sessions too. The whole family loving on their tiniest one and making fun memories. Because believe me, folks, they grow up fast! I have a 15 year old daughter, and wow. You think you have so. much. time. You think they will wear diapers forever and not sleep good ever. But it all changes and you look back and you just savor that sweet time.


Charlie | Canton GA Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Charlie and his wonderful parents invited me into their home in Canton for a lifestyle newborn session. Lifestyle sessions are always exciting because you know that no two sessions are going to look the same! I love that lifestyle sessions capture the family in their element, in the place that speaks to their soul and the place they feel most comfortable- their home.

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Once I arrived at their home, I could immediately tell that Charlie was one very loved little boy. He’s surrounded with so much love and so many sweet details in his nursery that was lovingly prepared just for him.

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Every sweet detail was selected just for little Charlie, each piece chosen by mom and dad before they ever met their little boy. In his nursery, I saw several books about airplanes and the knobs on his dresser were tiny little airplanes, so I knew someone loved aviation. Come to find out, Daddy is a pilot, and he wanted to share his love of airplanes with his little boy. Sweet details like that warm my heart and make lifestyle sessions so meaningful to the family.

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Lifestyle newborn sessions have recently been added to our list of services for clients. So many of my families really love the idea of being in their own home, surrounded with their own things they love for their newborn sessions. Lifestyle or in-home sessions are great for families that have older siblings, especially toddlers, that might feel more comfortable in their own home rather than in a studio. At home, they can share their toys, read to their new sibling, and take a break to play when they are overstimulated with pictures. Families are also loving being able to include their pets in the session as well. After all, they are part of the family too!

We started offering in-home newborn sessions to clients that reside within 25 miles of 30114. If you are in Canton, Woodstock, Acworth, Kennesaw, Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta or Cumming and would be interested in having an in- home session, we’d love to help you plan that session. It isn’t just for newborns either. Older kiddos love helping in the kitchen or having pillow fights at home too. There are so many fun ways to capture your family in your perfect place.

Edison | Big Canoe Georgia Newborn Photographer

Edison | Big Canoe Georgia Newborn Photographer

Baby Edison entered the world as pure and perfect as a baby can be. Surrounded with love, he has been showered with kisses- some of them may have been from his photographer!

Christmas Tree Farm Mini Sessions

What an incredible evening at Deerwoods Tree Farm! I met the sweetest families with the smiliest (is that a word? I think so!) baby ever! Little man Kellan had me in stitches with his mile-wide grin.

We played and explored and created so many perfect memories and Christmas Card worthy portraits!

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