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Hello, I’m Anna.

I’m just a small-town girl that is equally at home in hiking boots and high heels and probably laughs a little too loudly. I’m a compulsive hugger and a lover of Jesus. My babies are my world- I’m blessed to be Mama to my free-spirited, love-out-loud daughter Ava and my wild eyed future engineer and Lego building extraordinaire, Luke. My real life Prince Charming really did sweep me off my feet, only he arrived in a grey Camry and a flannel shirt, and well- the rest is history. He’s my best friend and the only other person that I know that can match my adventurous spirit. My heart is brimming over with gratitude.

Always up for an adventure, you can probably find me somewhere in the mountains - or, at least day dreaming about my next getaway while I try to finish my lukewarm coffee.

Because, hey- #momlife

I’m inspired by

Light | Emotion | real moments

If you like big belly laughs from little babies, running wild + free and soaking up every moment of golden light before the sun slips away at the end of the day- Then you’ve come to the right place, my friend.

I love people and I love creating. When I combined those two passions, my love for photography exploded. I love the beauty in simplicity and believe that life’s greatest treasures are the tiny, every day moments. I am constantly in awe of the miracle of life- every single baby - and person- is significant and was lovingly created by God. Life is a sweet gift, and I am honored to have the opportunity to be invited into your family and capture your most tender moments.