About the Artist


I'm Anna, owner of Anna Goswick Photography, and I am delighted that you are here visiting. 

Like most of my clients, I am a mom first and foremost.  

I am blessed with two beautiful and wild-eyed children, and I spend my days savoring life through their eyes. My husband and I are adventure seekers and we love warm family traditions and spontaneous travel to somewhere wild and new.

Now, I'll warn you- My house isn't perfectly tidy most of the time, whether it be from a spur-of-the-moment art project I've dreamed up or my predilection to put off laundry until everyone is out of underwear.  I sometimes have a smear of somebody's leftover lunch on my pants (most of the time not my own!) - But hey, who's counting? Our days together can be messy and long, but they are most certainly beautiful.  

That's why I chose to be a photographer.  I document our daily life because I want to remember every detail. My family is my safe place, my haven- the people with whom my most treasured memories are created.

I love capturing all life's sweet details, from soon-to-be mamas blossoming with with the growing new life inside her- to tiny fingernails and flaking skin and little whisps of baby fine hair of her precious newborn.  These moments are fleeting, and they are beautiful. Worth treasuring.

In our time together, I hope to learn much about your family, and to capture its essence- The connection, the laughter, the joy, the pride and the tender love you have for each other.  Our moments together will hopefully be fond memories for your family to treasure as well.

My Style

My photographic style is somewhat lifestyle in nature, meaning that I prefer to capture authentic moments as they unfold.  Moms playing with their children, dads giving piggy back rides, and the spontaneous kiss that a little boy gives his mother. Those are moments that are real to your family and that capture the personality of your children.

I do give some direction on posing, but in general, with families and children, our sessions are filled with laughter and play time.  I want your time with me to be a fun-filled memory that we capture to keep forever.

My portrait style is best described as




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